Google and censorship



I came across this piece of news from Tinynibbles today that  Google is going to ban pornographic blogs from Blogger. According to this BBC article come March 23rd 2015, the blogs won’t be deleted but they will become private.

Are they right or wrong reader? Many of these sites have the adult warning page, but is this enough to prevent those who we don’t want to have access to it from viewing the content. Again, if not Blogger, they’ll find it elsewhere, so it is really up to parents to provide the filters to protect their children.


Married for life




I know that this story is a bit old, but I really loved this because they look so happy. These centenarians have been married for 88 years but never had the opportunity to have wedding photos until recently.

Here’s a link to the rest of the photos if you’re interested.


Great advice for bloggers

The Blog

People blog for different reasons, but many post with hopes of seeing feedback from readers. Here at we’ve studied why some posts and blogs get more comments than others, and want to share our advice with you.

  1. You need visitors before you’ll get comments. You won’t get comments until people visit your blog. Start by reviewing our famous post on How to Get More Traffic to understand the basics of building an audience. Posting on a regular schedule is an important part of building traffic, which will lead to more comments. You can see our recent research on increasing page views too.
  2. Have a clear and strong position in your posts. Clarity in writing helps readers form their own opinion to share. A post titled “I’m not sure if I like bananas” is less likely to compel a response than “How I learned to love bananas” or “Why I will…

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I’m not being judgemental


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I’m not being judgemental but there are some things that I just don’t get. I’m fascinated by the BDSM life style and I read/browse a few D/s themed blogs of married couples. Sometimes I come across  a post where the action related, in my view, cannot be beneficial to the relationship.

For instance, I can’t understand why a dominant partner will do something that has a chance of causing serious discomfort or damage to the mother of his children. For example, not using lube for anal sex.

Yesterday, I came across a post which I found disrespectful. It involved spitting into the sub-missive’s mouth, and the recipient swallowing. To spit on someone is to insult them.  The Dominant partner is saying by his action ‘I think less of you’.  How can you say that to someone you’re supposed to love?

Well that’s my take on this.  There has to be some level of respect that remains and boundaries that should not crossed despite the roles we assume in a sexual relationship.